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前三直选走势图:Litecoin Gears up for a Better Run in March

Litecoin has several marketing efforts that aim to take LTC closer to more markets, starting in sports like MMA and kickboxing to the K-pop scene.

The month of February had been good for Litecoin. Its price now registers above $45–$10 higher than the price at the beginning of the same month.

A much better March, however, awaits Litecoin as the cryptocurrency expands its marketing arms. Through the marketing efforts of the Litecoin Foundation and of the Litecoin community, many audiences from different markets will learn more about the said cryptocurrency.

Litecoin Price Movements in February

Litecoin Foundation Teams up with GLORY

Litecoin Foundation announced on a Feb. 26 press release its partnership with GLORY, the premier kickboxing league in the world. This team up makes LTC the official cryptocurrency accepted as a payment method on GLORY’s online merchandise platform.

Some of the items that GLORY fans in the US and Europe can purchase are limited-edition merchandise and premium in-arena seating. Athlete meet-and-greets, and backstage arena tours, among others are also available.

UFC’s Ben Askren Promotes Litecoin

Also in the field of sports, Ben Askren promoted Litecoin in January this year as the cryptocurrency opted to sponsor him in his UFC 235 match against Robbie Lawler last March 2.?Askren defeated Lawler, the former Welterweight Champion, via submission in Round 1 at 03:20 in Las Vegas.

Litecoin Enters World Stage with K-Pop

Meanwhile, the Litecoin Foundation has also forayed into the music scene. Its latest sponsorship of the Feel The K-Pop Concert in the US happens on April 6, 2o19 at the George Mason University EagleBank Arena.

Litecoin Foundation partnered with CU Entertainment Global to bring the K-pop music and stars, along with Litecoin, to the world stage. Ailee, Kim Jong Kook, WheeSung and more will perform, while several Litecoin Foundation members will help educate fans and concert goers about the power and potential of Litecoin.

ULTRA VIP tickets are available exclusively for purchases done using Litecoin.

Litcoin now finds itself in the fifth spot trailing behind EOS. But its price performance in February 2019 showed promising movements. LTC peaked over $50 in the third week before dropping to the $43 mark.

Litecoin entered March at a much better position and reached the $49 line between March 2 and 3. Analysts have listed Litecoin as among the few cryptocurerncies to have shown a positive performance in February. And with the increasing marketing efforts started in the past weeks, the Litecoin community expects a better run this month.

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