Coin Information

Algorithm Scrypt
Proof Type PoW
Start Date 28/11/2016
Website XenCoin
Block Reward Reduction 50

Source : Cryptocompare.com


About Xencoin

Xencoin (XNC) is a peer-to-peer cryptocoin that was developed to be used for various sites. Based on the popular digital currency Litecoin, Xencoin is a promising alternative currency that was released in mid-2013. While the world of cryptocurrency is always open for new additions, Xencoin (XNC) seems to be settling on the bottom end of the list of potentially successful cryptocoins.

Should you wish to experience what Xencoin (XNC) can offer, simply download and install its digital wallet. Like any another online digital currency, the Xencoin Wallet is essential as it is where all the coins you traded, collected, and mined get stored. Without a Xencoin Wallet, you wouldn’t be able to join the community that keeps it alive.

Xencoin Mining

You can earn coins through trading, mining, and collecting free coins. Of all the three, the third one is the easiest and most tempting as you simply have to get your share of free coins from a Xencoin Faucet online. However, finding a working faucet at present is challenging, that’s why it would be better if you would engage in Xencoin mining.

Be advised, though, that it’s important to calculate how much you can earn in a specific time frame, say a year, before mining. Using a Xencoin Calculator, you will have a good estimate of your net profits by taking note of the hash rate, your power consumption, the block reward, exchange rate, and many others. Even if you’re part of a Xencoin Mining pool, you can also compute for your expected earnings as you can indicate there how much you pay for the pool fee.

Since you will be exerting time, energy, and power to solve the mathematical problems housed in each block, it’s important that you know how much compensation you will receive for every successfully mined block. With Xencoin mining, miners can receive 200 coins per block, which will be reduced by half every three years. Compared with the block reward of other altcoins, this is by far one of the largest rewards.

What’s even better is that the Xencoin Difficulty starts at 0.00024414, which means that miners shouldn’t have any trouble solving the problems. These are the reasons solo miners and pool miners will be in for a real treat when they mine for Xencoin (XNC).

Xencoin Exchange

You can find Xencoin (XNC) in the Bitcoin market on the Coins-E exchange. But with just one glance at the exchange rate chart, you can instantly tell that the Xencoin Price/Value isn’t doing well in the market. In fact, it trades weakly against Bitcoin and even performs more poorly than several recently launched cryptocurrencies. With such dismal market performance, it’s safe to say that Xencoin (XNC) needs to beef up to attract more supporters, traders, and miners.

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