Coin Information

Algorithm SHA256
Proof Type PoW
Start Date 18/08/2013
Website Unobtanium
Last BlockExplorer Update TS 2018-06-29 02:06:29
Difficulty Adjustment 1 block
Block Reward Reduction -
Block Number 1143089
Net Hashes Per Second 4.6722558255902E+18
Total Coins Mined 198858.60151896

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About Unobtanium

Unobtanium (UNO) is an open-source cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin protocol. Released in the fourth quarter of 2013, Unobtanium is another digital coin that purely runs on SHA-256 algorithm. But like its name, this alternative currency seems to be designed to become a rarity in the market.

Download the latest Windows client to begin experiencing what Unobtanium (UNO) can offer in the world of cryptocurrency. Upon installation, you can already use your Unobtanium Wallet, which will store all the coins you mine, collect, and trade. But unlike most altcoins, this cryptocoin still doesn’t have available wallets for other platforms like Mac, Linux, and Ubuntu.

You can, however, load up your Unobtanium Wallet with free coins even without trading or mining. This is possible by taking advantage of the Unobtanium Faucet online, which can give you 0.0001 Un. Just make sure that you find a well-funded faucet so that you can collect your share of the free coins up for grabs.

Unobtanium Mining

Since Unobtanium (UNO) uses the SHA-256 algorithm, it’s logical that the Unobtanium Difficulty is already high at 135,864.7483. After all, it’s designed to have a progressive difficulty adjustment. It’s for this reason that you have to consider the mining method that would work best for you.

When you mine solo, you will need to have a strong computer to work on each block and successfully solve the problems as this may take a while, especially with such Unobtanium Difficulty. If you choose to join the Unobtanium Mining pool, on the other hand, you must consider the pool fee. So, basically, using the Unobtanium Calculator is essential to find out the net profit Unobtanium mining can give you.

Once you have decided which mining method will suit you, then it’s important to be aware of the mining details. Unobtanium mining features a three-minute block time, which is a lot faster than that of Bitcoin. Also, miners will receive 1 coin per block, which will eventually get halved after generating 102,000 blocks.

A striking feature here, though, is that only 250,000 coins will be produced for this cryptocurrency. If you’re familiar with most of the digital coins online, this number is extremely small compared to the millions of altcoins in the future.

Unobtanium Exchange

Traders can find Unobtanium (UNO) trading in the Bitcoin market on the Cryptsy and Coins-E exchanges. Much to the delight of the traders, the Unobtanium Price/Value is considerably strong when traded with Bitcoin and is evidently much higher when compared to the price of other cryptocurrencies. However, traders must still take caution as the Unobtanium Exchange rate is unstable in the market, so expect fluctuations from time to time.

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