Coin Information

Start Date 23/09/2014
Website PeerCoin
Last BlockExplorer Update TS 2018-06-22 10:06:17
Block Number 371945
Previous Total Coins Mined 24820083.878983
Total Coins Mined 24820187.141483
Block Reward 15.302500012331

Source : Cryptocompare.com


About PPCoin

PPCoin (PPC) is a Bitcoin-based cryptocurrency and is the first known implementation of the hybrid system of proof-of work and proof-of-stake. Also known as Peercoin, PPCoin aims to promote energy efficiency while keeping most of the original and preferred features found in Bitcoin. Moreover, PPCoin (PPC), which was released in the third quarter of 2012, already had a market cap of 29,323 BTC or USD $2,932,300 only seven months after its launch. This positioned PPCoin (PPC) behind the market cap of well-established cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Namecoin.

Interested traders and miners can easily download and install the PPCoin Wallet on their Windows or Linux computers. Given that this cryptocoin is heavily supported by a community of developers, expect to find regular updates to the wallet to continuously improve its services.

To load your PPCoin Wallet without spending or exerting too much effort, simply head on to the PPCoin Faucet available online and get your share of two free coins. Take note, though, that this faucet has a regeneration period.

PPCoin Mining

PPCoin (PPC) is based on the SHA-256 algorithm but uses both the proof-of-work and proof-of-stake systems. The inclusion of the proof-of-stake system is to improve the PPCoin mining in terms of security and efficiency. By using the proof-of-stake system, the network becomes protected from miners who want to take advantage and create a monopoly on mining shares. Moreover, this system will require less energy in mining, helping miners to maximize their profits.

PPCoin (PPC) doesn’t have an exact limit of coins that will be produced. But if you’re after collecting huge block rewards, then PPCoin mining surely wouldn’t disappoint you. After all, its block reward is currently set at 136.65 coins, which is far bigger than what Bitcoin and Litecoin offer. Moreover, with only a 10-minute block time, expect many blocks to be generated in a day.

However, the catch here is the PPCoin Difficulty. At present, it has a difficulty of 28,668,514.0426, which adjusts every one block. With this high level of difficulty, solving algorithms may take a while. Nonetheless, miners will be rewarded handsomely, especially that PPCoin (PPC) has low level of difficulty fluctuation.

If the high PPCoin Difficulty is too much for you, feel free to join a PPC Mining pool. Be advised, though, that you have to pay certain pool fees. To get an estimate of your expected earning when you mine in a pool, use the PPCoin Calculator online and provide the necessary details like Exchange Rate, Block Reward, Pool Fees etc.

PPCoin Exchange

PPCoin (PPC) is traded on a number of exchanges like BTCe, Cryptsy, Vircurex, and Bter. You can trade this cryptocoin with Bitcoin and USD, which means that you can use either of the two currencies to buy or sell PPC. Although the current PPCoin Exchange rate is sloping downward, its stability is one of the best in the market. After all, the PPCoin Price/Value is performing well compared with the other altcoins.

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