Coin Information

Algorithm Scrypt
Proof Type PoW
Start Date 18/05/2013
Difficulty Adjustment 2016 blocks
Block Reward Reduction 50%

Source : Cryptocompare.com

About Nybble

Nybble (NBL) is a cryptographic currency that was released in the second quarter of 2013 and is termed as the ?first honest currency of the GPU era.? Nybble is a peer-to-peer altcoin that banners features aimed to address the waterloos of previously launched cryptocoins. With this aim, it forwards a new reward system that gives new meaning to mining.

Traders and miners are required to get their hands on a Nybble Wallet first as a standard procedure before they can buy, sell, and collect coins. The Nybble Wallet can be downloaded and installed on any Windows and Mac computers. It constantly gets upgraded to meet the quality its users deserve. With this in mind, expect a more stabilized and error-free wallet that will let you transact with other users all over the world in a vast network.

Nybble Mining

Nybble (NBL) uses scrypt as the proof-of-work algorithm, but it?s already working on moving to the proof-of-stake system. In this way, miners will have a much easier and more convenient way to mine, especially that new blocks are generated every 2.5 minutes.

There will be more NBL than BTC in the long run as a total of 21,000,004 coins will be generated over time. While this is small compared to the total number of coins Litecoin will have, miners won?t run out of blocks to mine just yet through the mechanism devised by this cryptocoin.

In fact, miners get 127,054 coins in the first 12,096 blocks of Nybble (NBL) compared to the 604,800 coins of Litecoin. Additionally, there will be a total of 639,555 blocks to be generated, with only more than 32,000 processed as of now. And with a current difficulty set at 1.7989, expect the Nybble Difficulty to adjust every 2,016 blocks. This just shows that Nybble mining still has a long way to go.

Furthermore, miners can choose to join a Nybble Mining pool and just receive their share of the total earnings. Keep in mind, however, that there are fees involved in pool mining, so make sure that you include that when you?re computing for your expected earnings. You can use a Nybble Calculator online to get a good estimate of your total earnings daily up to yearly.

Likewise, you can collect free NBL when you take advantage of the Nybble Faucet available online. In this way, you will have another way to earn coins besides mining solo or in pools.

But the striking feature Nybble (NBL) has is its ascending reward system, which is its answer to insta-mining, pre-mining, and unfair rewards for early adopters.

Nybble Exchange

Nybble (NBL) can be traded in Cryptsy against Bitcoin. However, the Nybble Price/Value is very weak compared to the price of Bitcoin. Moreover, expect this altcoin to have an unstable price in the market as shown in the Nybble Exchange rate chart. Nevertheless, miners can use this cryptocoin to buy BTC or vice versa.

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