Coin Information

Algorithm Scrypt
Proof Type PoW
Start Date 01/05/2013
Website Franko
Last BlockExplorer Update TS 2018-09-30 02:09:48
Difficulty Adjustment 720 blocks
Block Reward Reduction 50%
Block Number 4570937
Total Coins Mined 1142732.1491278

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About Franko

Showcasing a wealth of innovative features, Franko (FRK) is a high-value, decentralized cryptographic currency that enables its users to make instant transactions. It is based on the Litecoin protocol and utilizes the scrypt algorithm to protect its network against brute-force attacks and data intrusion.

To make the most of this intuitive crypto-currency, a Franko wallet is needed. FRK coins can be sent anywhere in the world over the Internet for little or no cost. Its software runs 24/7 on a peer-to-peer network; hence, it doesn’t need any central authority to control or manipulate its transactions. Designed to be rarer, faster, and fairer than Bitcoin, Franko was created to become the gateway toward financial freedom.

Franko Mining

A total of 11,235,813 coins will be issued for the next couple of years, and this will be achieved by generating new blocks every 0.50 minutes – that’s a 30-second time frame to generate one block. As of this present time, there are 327,749 blocks produced, and a Franko difficulty rate of 1.7127. More than that, expect the Franko difficulty to adjust in every 720 blocks. With the difficulty fluctuation rising above the average level, miners will be subject to extreme fluctuations in mining FRK. Furthermore, Franko’s block reward halves approximately every 44 years. This ensures that users can begin to hold FRK before the next block halving.

On the bright side, Franko mining doesn’t require you to have the most powerful hardware. Since it uses scrypt as its proof of work algorithm, you can perform solo mining or join a Franko mining pool even with consumer-grade computers and GPUs.

If you want to gauge your potential profits in a particular hardware setup, simply use a Franko calculator. By providing certain details like block reward, hash rate, pool fees, power consumption among others, you will have an idea how much you can make in a day, weeks, months, and even a year.

And should you feel your wallet needs an extra push, you can sure maximize your coins by taking advantage of the Franko faucet available online.

Franko Exchange

To date, Franko (FRK) has over 15 merchants accepting it as a payment method, and the former is currently traded for Bitcoin on exchanges including Cryptsy, Coins-E, and Phenix. Presently, 1 FRK is currently trading for $1.37 per FRK equivalent in Bitcoin, a phenomenal increase in value of over 500% in just a week. If the exchange charts are to be analyzed, this altcoin is definitely making waves in the digital currency space. This crypto-currency boasts of a more competitive price in the trading market; thus, puts the Franko price/value above the alternative coins in terms of market performance.

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