Coin Information

Algorithm Scrypt
Proof Type PoW
Start Date 29/05/2013
Website FastCoin
Last BlockExplorer Update TS 2016-12-25 02:12:39
Difficulty Adjustment 300 blocks
Block Reward Reduction -

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About Fastcoin

Relatively new in the market, FastCoin (FST) is hailed as the “fastest, completely secure crypto-currency in the market.” FastCoin is based on the Bitcoin principles and was launched in May of the same year. This intuitive cryptocoin enables you to send and receive money anytime, anywhere, to any person in an instant.

Get your free FastCoin wallet today and make the most of the advantageous features this crypto-currency has to offer. Simply choose from a variety of wallet clients, which are available in Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems, install it on your computer and you can immediately store your first supply of FST!

Looking for some free coins? Take advantage of the available Fastcoin faucet online to receive free coins. Just take note of the site’s cool down period and the captcha verification process before availing these free coins.

FastCoin Mining

FastCoin (FST) uses the scrypt as its proof of work scheme. And with a total of 165,888,000 coins to be produced in several years to come, miners will have so much time generating blocks and solving algorithms to score lucrative block rewards. Currently rewarding 32 FST for every block, this crypto-currency provides new blocks every 12 seconds. Keep in mind, though, that the block reward is halved every 12 months. In addition, the FastCoin difficulty adjustment changes every 300 blocks.

With almost 1.5 million blocks generated, existing and future miners will definitely have many more tasks to accomplish. But what’s great about FastCoin mining is that it offers a fast-paced transaction process. With a 12-second block time and 4 transaction confirmations, every transaction will be accomplished in as fast as 48 seconds. True to its word, FastCoin (FST) makes ultra-fast transactions possible.

Since FST banners a high difficulty fluctuation, joining a FastCoin mining pool is highly recommended. Mining pools allow you to cooperate with your fellow miners and aggregate computational resources. If you’re mining your coins independently, it may take a very long time for you to solve a block. With pooled mining, you have the opportunity to accumulate FST gradually, but regularly. It’s a perfect alternative especially if you’re computer and graphics card are not very powerful.

To get an estimate of your expected earnings for a day, week, month, and year, use a FastCoin calculator. Be advised, though, that your mining profitability depends on the figures of hash rate, power costs, block reward, difficulty, pool fees, and hardware costs.

Market Performance

If you look at the FastCoin exchange charts, it shows that there’s an impressive market moves for FastCoin as it rose from the 0.00002000 price point all the way up to a high of 0.0002800, that’s close to 0.03 USD. That was approximately 10 times higher than the previous FastCoin price/value. Although no one can really tell how the markets will behave in the future, it is believed that FastCoin (FST) has the potential to perform similarly to Bitcoin’s historical market behavior.

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