Coin Information

Algorithm Scrypt
Proof Type PoW/PoS
Start Date 01/01/0001

Source : Cryptocompare.com


Repository C++,

About Extremecoin

ExtremeCoin (EXC) is a LiteCoin-derived cryptocurrency. In fact, it is defined as ‘a little startup litecoin clone’. It uses Scrypt Algorithm and functions in peer-to-peer technology with no central authority. Compared to other altcoins, it is newer and hasn’t gotten much publicity; however, EXCs shows commendable features that provide profitable opportunities and advantages.

To get some ExtremeCoin, it is necessary for you to secure an ExtremeCoin Wallet. You can easily download it for free at ExtremeCoin website. After this, you just have to install the wallet client in your computer. This wallet will keep your coins secured and most importantly, it will allow you to start receiving and sending ExtremeCoins instantly.


There are only 5 million coins in total for the block reward in ExtremeCoin mining. After this, miners will just get the transaction fees. As of now, there are already 21, 628 blocks mined in block time of 5 minutes. The reward for every block mined is 200 coins, but it is only until 17,280 blocks. Since this number is surpassed, the reward already dropped to 1 coin per block.

ExtremeCoin Difficulty fluctuation is high. This means that there will be inconsistent opportunities to earn rewards over a period of time when you mine EXCs. As a result, the block generation process becomes slower and the difficulty of mining rises. However, this must not be a reason for you to worry. You still have chances to earn more coins by joining an ExtremeCoin Mining pool. Through collective efforts of generating blocks, the process of mining will be made easier and more ExtremeCoins will be earned.

It is also important that you keep good track of your potential earnings and an ExtremeCoin Calculator will make this possible. In mining, your estimated potential profits are based on statistical calculation which considers factors such as hash rate, power cost, exchange rate, hardware cost, and if you join pools, pool fees.

On the other hand, ExtremeCoin Faucet is also a good option to get free EXCs. This has been a lacking service among altcoins, but fortunately, ExtremeCoin has one. It gives every new user a random amount between 0.1 and 2 EXC. It might seem small, but with the block reward of 1 EXC; this is a great start to put some coins in your wallet.


BTER.com is the only ExtremeCoin Exchange available as of now. It offers ExtremeCoin Bitcoin exchange where you can buy as well as sell ExtremeCoin with Bitcoins and vice versa. ExtremeCoin Price / Value Stability is average which means it has been on the regular position when it comes to exchange rate fluctuation and its current exchange rate affirms of better market performance than other new altcoins available.

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