Coin Information

Algorithm Scrypt
Proof Type PoW/PoS
Start Date 28/06/2013
Difficulty Adjustment 480 blocks
Block Reward Reduction 0%

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About Cosmoscoin

Cosmoscoin (CMC) is a cryptographic currency that combines the features of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Novacoin, and Florincoin. Cosmoscoin uses both proof of work and proof of stake schemes to ensure resistance against force attacks and threats. One of the best things about this crypto-currency is that it has zero transaction fees and offers a fast transaction confirmation time of 1.5 minutes.


Cosmoscoin (CMC) has opened its doors for crypto-currency trading. Presently, it is traded in Cryptsy, Bter, and CoinEx exchanges and has been included in the Bitcoin market only. Based on the Cosmoscoin exchange charts, it is evident that this crypto-currency is struggling against fluctuations. Furthermore, the low Cosmoscoin price/value can be attributed to its immaturity in the trading market; especially that it isn’t too long ago when the latter joined the industry.


It is very interesting to engage in Cosmoscoin mining because it poses a below-average difficulty of 3.7425 with merely 245,262blocks already generated. Despite the low Cosmoscoin difficulty, this crypto-currency is heading toward a stable increase northward as shown in the difficulty chart. Nevertheless, Cosmoscoin’s difficulty tends to fluctuate more than the average.

What’s great about this virtual currency is the fact that it supports transaction comments used by another alternative crypto-currency called Florincoin. So when you send transactions to the cosmos, you and your recipient will not be lost.

For every Cosmoscoin (CMC) block, you will be rewarded with 3.5 coins. And with a 60-second block time, you can mine more coins from several CMC blocks, whether you are mining solo or in a pool. When mining, you have the option to do solo mining or join a Cosmoscoin mining pool. Pooled mining works as a result of cooperative computations of all mining pool participants. Additionally, these mining pools pays for every solution you send. Therefore, the more time your computer mines, the more CMC you can get. What’s more, participating in the mining pool gives you an opportunity to accrue coins gradually, but regularly.

Whether you are into solo or pooled mining, it is a must to estimate your mining profitability. Cosmoscoin calculator is available for those who want to see if their mining efforts are profitable under a given hardware setup. By simply keying in the hash rate, difficulty, exchange rate, block reward along with other details like pool fees, power costs and hardware costs, you can see your estimated expected earnings in your desired time frame.

On the other hand, if you are new to using CMC, you can get your first supply of Cosmoscoin (CMC) from several Cosmoscoin faucets online. These faucets will provide you with small amounts of CMC. Just make sure you have your Cosmoscoin wallet as this will serve as the receptacle of your coins should you wish to trade and mine CMC.

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