Coin Information

Algorithm SHA256
Proof Type PoW
Start Date 24/10/2013
Last BlockExplorer Update TS 2018-01-09 10:01:53
Difficulty Adjustment 6 blocks
Block Reward Reduction 50%

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About Betacoin

BetaCoin (BET) is a decentralize internet currency that is based on the Bitcoin protocol, but differs from Bitcoin in some specifications. In BetaCoin Bitcoin comparison, three main features separate BetaCoin from Bitcoin and these are ‘Proof of Work’ in mining, 2.5 x faster transaction confirmation, and smaller annual supply after it reached the target 32 million coin units.


In BetaCoin mining, the reward for every block mined is 128 coins, which halves every 126,000 blocks mined every year. The BetaCoin network will produce 32,000,000 coins with the mining phase of 6 years. However, unlike Bitcoins, the network will still generate smaller BetaCoin (BET) supply yearly after the aforesaid phase. Recently, 39, 500 blocks are mined so definitely, miners still have abundant of blocks to mine and coins to earn.

Furthermore, BetaCoin (BET) has classic SHA-256 Algo and Proof of Work; hence, you never need specialized mining equipment to mine blocks at faster speed. On the other hand, BetaCoin Difficulty fluctuation is relatively high so expect irregular profit opportunities. When the difficulty fluctuation rises, it becomes harder to generate a block.

In this case, you can always opt to participate in BetaCoin Mining pool. It is a mining approach where miners can divide the works of generating a new block among themselves and later, split the rewards ‘fair and square’. Just take note that if you choose to be part of a mining pool, you must consider pool fees and transaction confirmation.

Computing your estimated expected profit is never a problem. With BetaCoin Calculator, you can absolutely have it done in no time. It is a good feature to keep an eye on your earnings and of course, ensure that you are continuously getting revenues.


You can definitely trade this digital currency in the BetaCoin Exchange of your choice. The two most popular trading platforms where you can buy and sell BetaCoin (BET) are Coin Exchange and Cryptsy. Even though it has been unstable, BetaCoin Price / Value is better than other altcoins when it comes to market performance.

Last, but not the least is that you can definitely get the most of this virtual currency through BetaCoin Faucet. These faucets give free BetaCoins in a specific period of time. It is true that the sums given are smaller compared to what you can get in mining; however, it can definitely keep a continuous supply of BETs in your BetaCoin Wallet.

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